17 January 2009

Grrls got back -- TNNA edition

A week or so before TNNA there was a tweet from Shannon with a link to her (then) most recent pattern offering called Rivulet. My initial thought was baby's got back and it's a sweet little design.

Got to see it and more indy knit/crochet designer goodness at the Stitch Cooperative booth at TNNA including the electronic galleys for KITS.

My project's photos are gorgeous and if you've a promo post card from Wiley in your possession, look at the over all background image of the side of the card with Kristi's photo for a peek at how well the beach chair (whose project name is a special one) photo came out. No folks, that's not just a kewl beach chair, that's a knitting pattern.

I don't recall whether I mentioned it or not, but just a couple of days before I schlepped the chair up to Kristi's I took some of my own photos at the lawn by the Natural History Museum (by the big fig) at Balboa Park. I had a couple of people try to buy the chair from me on the spot so I think I hit my goal.

I got down to TNNA on Friday to renew and register 'round about 5pm on Friday. I would have been earlier but there was a glitch/gotcha with the PIN number/access for the library resource and with a holiday weekend and the possibility of losing valuable time, I chose to get school sorted.

I ran into Kristi right 'round the trolley crossing. Rolled on into register, present my credentials and took a look at Barry & volunteers' Wall O Yarn and the new product display with other browsers/attendees before they closed the area.

As the Galleria and Fashion Show crowd began to assemble, I said some heys and then rolled home to another exciting night of school work.

As I was heading back down to TNNA on Saturday, I noticed this little reminder that I live near a a couple of bars. There have been worse reminders.


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