14 January 2009

All school and work

doesn't make me dull. I'm dull anyhow.

There are ten lessons in the mandatory one unit course. I've made pretty good progress so far but it really is tough to juggle everything.

At day job, while one pub is out for review, I'm cycling back around to another one, this is usually how the knitting works in progress go too.

So it isn't a huge shock that one of the work projects is getting a re-think while the draft based on the version of the project is out in review.

Have my engineers become contaminated by my fish afghan design and redesign?

TNNA is coming up this weekend and I've been a slug about renewing my membership.

It's year three prove I'm professional mode and although I verified that even though Knitting In the Sun doesn't come out until 2009, the work was done in 2008 so it quals as credit, I just didn't get the paperwork in so suddenly I need to do that.

I'm not sure the designer model for TNNA really works. The notion that you're only professional designer if you get designs published/purchased by a yarn company or magazine is a bit troubling when the magazines and yarn companies are certainly under no obligation to work with professional designers.

For me, I have a lot of designs that, because they've been up on my web page or otherwise in the public eye. will get a total pass from yarn companies and magazines. It doesn't make the designs any less valid or even marketable but it limits my options.

Is a designer any less a professional if selling through Ravelry or their outlet? Or, by selling in that manner does a designer cease to be a designer and become a publisher or retailer? It seems to me that the designations aren't as clear cut as they could be.

Consequences of procrastination? I couldn't renew on line, and couldn't do it over the phone with Zanesville and be assured that I'd be able to attend. So now I need to renew at the registration desk at the convention centre this weekend.

I'm not going to be in the member roster -- paper or online. Oh bother, oh well.

So, I'm taking Friday and Monday off so I can do the show and hopefully do a bunch of school work too.

Today's photos are from earlier this month and part of the continuing art on utility box project.


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