27 February 2009

Today I wrote and wrote and wrote

I've always written. When I was a kid I used to put letters together and bug the adults in my life to tell me if I'd made a real "word" and if I had what it was and what it meant.

I rolled out at 8am and between fielding phone calls, emails and such, I wrote and wrote and wrote for the better part of nearly 12 hours.

I took a good solid draft and pushed and poked and prodded it around until it felt ordered cohesive and whole. I did not do this alone, make no mistake, I had partners and that made it even better. Unlike the little yellow devil ducky in the photo, I was not the odd duck out.

For this reason alone, this has been a very, very good day. Well, if you add finding out that a certain resident of NYC (also a writer) is coming to visit this Autumn for the first time in far too long, it is a totally awesome day.

It know it needs more work. I know it needs an edit (or six) and fresh eyes -- something none of us really have right now.


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