28 January 2009

Emperical evidence or not, I think TNNA was on an eco-trend

There were 155 yarns from 32 different yarn companies featured in the Wall O Yarn. One company, Shibui Knits, had all seven of their sample yarns in shades of pink. I found that to be very effective way to distinguish their products and their company from the other yarn vendors.

I started to do a break down of the yarns in my Wall O Yarn book sample to see if it supported my view that there was a lot of alternate fibre and eco-friendly happening at the show but when I went through my Wall O Yarn book it didn't reflect what I saw on the floor of the show.

End of the day, my Wall O Yarn does not provide empirical evidence for my sense that there was a lot of eco-friendly happening in the biz and in the products at this show.

This doesn't necessarily mean that my impression that eco-friendly was a major theme of the show and the yarns on offer, just that the Wall O Yarn samples were perhaps too small of a sample of what I saw on the actual show floor. Just a quick glance of the Knitting and Crochet listing of exhibitors shows me that some major players did not participate in the Wall O Yarn.


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