01 March 2009

And a glorious Saint David's day it was

What is with the weather? It was like 80 degrees Fahrenheit today here in all_but_downtown San Diego.

Got another must tweak draft of the group project up to the group round about 10 this morning, caught some additional real time chat edits and let it sit for review or rip apart from the rest of the group.

Finally got to write about something other than databases, information retrieval and layoffs (mine) as I cleared up more of the blog draft queue.

I also got some knitting done but not a lot. Four leaves and we just won't talk about the fish afghan right?

Mindful of the iffy instep from yesterday's out and about, I opted for the "European Comfort Sole" stylings of the last Seibel Priscilla pair that hasn't blown out on me for the roll onto to Whistlestop knitting.

That comfort sole was an improvement over the flip flops but feet still weren't very comfortable after a second day of real walking after such a drought.

On the walk over I noticed some changes of the huh, wonder when that happened variety in the form of two new shops. One, sweven, just up the street and the other, mythology nearer Juniper/30th/Fern -- both worth a poke around at some point before one or both disappear.

Exercise, knitting, Guinness, face time and the "pimp the book" factor -- yes, I'm a KITS guerrilla marketing tool -- have been long overdue.

No daffs on the day, but as I was walking along Pershing, I caught a whiff of something that smelled remarkably like lilacs.

Now, I grew up with lilacs that were already quite mature so I have no real experience with baby lilacs, so I couldn't say if these are what we used to call French lilacs or not but they seemed to be in serious bloom overload.

Number of knitters was down a bit, my guess is that people were taking advantage of the great weather to hit the beach rather than hang at Whistlestop. I don't know if the Tony & Jen on new parent patrol has also had an impact on attendance or if the proliferation of alternate groups is also at play.

Anyhow, fewer knitters meant that there was actual space for the victorious Los Monos baseball team to celebrate their victory over The Pirates.

It was a pretty backed bar in my little corner where I knit leaves and enjoyed the page turning bodice ripper that is Rubin (Kent State almost went there 2x -- who knew?) Foundations of Library and Information Science to try to get through the readings for Libr 200.

Fortunately, some of this week's reading overlaps with things I've already read for Libr 202, so I got through quite a bit.

Home in time to catch the last of the edits from team, and drop it all in the digital drop box and call it a day.


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