04 March 2009

Gotta Love the Guild

After outsmarting a UPS Express Box, freeing the Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007 CD from the "made in Puerto Rico" packaging, and making sure that pesky dpn that tried to escape Grace last month at guild was, in fact, in my possession, I rolled out to the UTC area tonight for Knit@Nite which is the subgroup that keeps me in my knitting guild.

I was a little concerned about the route since I usually -- duh -- go there from the 15 South cross the mesa route coming from day job. I've gone from home a few times too and those experiences have been very hit and miss especially if I try to put it together with another right 'round there trip.

But tonight's drive was good and the only gotcha was the JCC parking lot and even then it was more me than lot.

We were in a different room so that might account for our chatter-y delay getting going but it was good and could just the the nature of this group. Well, that and the fact that there was a baby surprise crisis in process.

Once again, we had a new member who found us -- shock, amazement on the internet. I'm sorry, I forgot name but not gorgeous red hair and sweet projects.

The huge shock for the night was that Suzanne of Knitting In La Jolla finally managed to break away from the shop on Kristi's class night at the shop and come knit with us! She had totally kewl WIP and show and share.

She got schooled a bit in how K@Nite rolls but I think she liked us and I do hope she loved being there as much as we enjoyed having her and that she can manage to make it not just a one-off.

My opinion? She's perfect for this group and it was wonderful to have her there as just another knitter. That's one of the things I like most about Knit@Nite. I'm not the knitting guru there but I'm also not the most out there knitter.

Leaving the floundering fish afghan at home, I was all about the International Fiber Collaborative Tree project and my leaves in progress for show and tell. Somehow, twit that I am, I left the hard copy info for that at home. Could have been worse, could have been the dpn

As webmaster, I was excited to hear about not only people working on stuff for the jacket/coat guild focus but also the eco-challenge and compare notes about thrift shops and to discuss some additional outreach we can do to shops, Ravelers and such.

I've already green lighted inviting shops to submit their info to the web page and I've done some outreach to shop owners to consider making the Guild's events something of a mutual marketing tool.

Perhaps because Grace just updated her web page, the discussion in our little corner of the table for a bit from archiving newsletters and outreach to shop owners to into exploring shifting from a sitebuilder for pay story to a free blog or similar service.

It is not going to happen over night. The subtle changes I've been making have been slowly developing and clearly this is not priority #1 on my plate.

Speaking of blogs, Stacy Smith suddenly has one and she's, in no big shock to those who know her, using it for the benefit of others check out her 44sweaters project.


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