16 March 2009

Grafty fishes, trees and sweaters

Nice close up shot of the completed graft that joins the two main panels of the fish afghan.

Pinned out it is about 41" by 35" so picking stitches to knit a unifying border treatment is still going to be an important part of the project.

Weaving ends is also still on the near horizon.

I'm reconsidering the double sided idea as possibly too ambitious and maybe also too heavy.

An old idea is coming back round to consideration and that is to deal with the problem of the individual fish ends (original inspiration for the double-sided solution) by sewing the other fishies on to them making only the fishies double sided. It's a cheat, but it is a good cheat.

In fact, had I gone down that path in the original construction, there would have been no fish ends to deal with as I would have done a joined two fish module, folded them and picked up stitches through both fishies.

I think that's how I will write the final design of this project.

How I will treat this prototype is still undecided. If I decide to abandon the double sided choice, then I have some live stitches on the back that I'll need to either bind off or frog back and graft.

Grafting, of course would be the better reversible and texture friendly choice but that would be 744 stitches to graft.

Somehow weaving in ends doesn't seem as tedious a task.

I am staying amused rather than annoyed that at every twist and turn with this I've circled back round to an earlier design solution.

The last of the leaves for the Tree Project are drying and waiting for a few ends to be woven before they are shipped off to Alabama.

The project got a little bit of a time extension so a few more leaves will be leaving from this little corner of California as a result.

The noise from the start up of the Saint Patrick's day parade carried across the canyon as I wandered home from doing the pension and 401K rollover paperwork on Saturday. I snapped the tree gate photo along the way.

Procrastinating on the picking up of stitches and end weaving part of the fish afghan, and not wanting to knit yet another leaf, I started looking round for the next project.

Needing something portable on the needles, I turned to the 44 sweaters project and cast on for a top down raglan in bright yellow Comfort. I'm actually knitting someone else's design for a change. How faithful I will be to the design remains to be seen.


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