15 March 2009

Fish Ides

As opposed to fish heads, rolly polly fish heads. Actually more about fish panels -- grafted. Started before the trek to Whistlestop and finished after the walk home -- all 372 ever loving stitches.

Almost didn't walk over because I got a text from the beautiful Barbie with regrets due to law school and I can relate because I was still struggling with a few assignments of my own but I needed the break and I thought that if the crowd was light I'd be able to spread the afghan out and gut through it.

It was a light crowd but I was delightfully surprised with an unexpected and very welcome North County visitor who also got to see yet another leaf in progress, a photo of the drying ones and the fish afghan in all its glory.

The ides, after are all one of my days -- the always emotional, never know quite how I'll feel day couple of days.


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