11 March 2009

Return to RB -- loose ends and last looks

Today was the drop of equipment and paperwork to get through the process.

More importantly it was also deliver duck & blanket day. That part at least went well and Lucy looks great.

Like everything else since this all came down, my time line was not the factor because being sans badge, I had to escorted and the whole we'll put a lunch together just sort of went sideways. Oh well.

Running LAU and already on the road when I realised I'd forgotten some library books I had from the company library -- aaargh.

Raced back, and of course, I was sure I knew where they were, they weren't where I thought they were.

Actually more correctly, they were but I was so frazzled that I kept looking right next to where they were not where they were.

Finally snagged them and hit the road.

I can assure you that I haven't missed the drive. Just getting past the post office most days is a real experience.

And then the phone's getting worse. I was pulling off the freeway and thinking that I should phone to give an ETA even though in theory there was a 2 hour block of time reserved for the exercise and -- pish -- I'm off grid yet again.

So I had to twiddle my thumbs a bit waiting for my escort to return to desk and come fetch me.

Visitor badge not really working with the wardrobe choice for the day and all things considered bit of a blur or hugs and hellos and some not hellos -- odd that.

But a lay-off is a lot like death and divorce.

People just aren't comfortable so they react oddly. If they are in the same stressful environment you've been laid-off from the strangeness is all the more.

I don't know if the etiquette elephant could help with this but it was too good of a tie in not to include this photo of a sticker I saw on walkabout earlier this month.

It's remarkable how many people had no clue that I'm gone. Oh well, I had cards, I had resumes. I didn't an opportunity to get them to everyone or even chance to talk to everyone before it was time to roll South.

I stopped at the TJs in Carmel Mountain and started obsessing about getting the sticker off my truck windshield. Dunno why but it was fighting with me and it's still only half on and half off but for some reason I just want it gone.

Then I rolled over to the Post Office to send off the silly little "duck-aid" tins to my group project team members.

Those are photos on the day. Well, that's the first photo. I painted out some Mintz tins with chrome metallic paint. Add a devil duckie pirate pencil topper and a couple of devil duckie adhesive bandages and you've got silly bit of whimsy.

The other duck photo is of the 50 cents each super mini devil duckies from the bins at Babette Schwartz. I used a push pin to pierce them and when I can find my stash of head pins they will become devil duckie earrings.


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