18 March 2009

Something Sunny for Stacy

There's been a lot of gloom, doom, strum und on this here blog of late and it is long since time to get with the knitting and get back to my generally sunny personality.

To that end, this will be a light and fluffy blog entry.

First up, my new cell phone.

Other than the cost of the upgrade it's a zero cost item for me. Isn't it pretty? Nice photo, maybe Sony Ericsson should pay me for the image -- okay, maybe not, the phone's a discontinued model -- still nice snap eh?

Given the fact that I had my lost at TNNA phone for the better part of four years, I expect that this one and I will be together for a long time.

While I would normally recycle my old phone to battered women or other worthy projects I'm hesitant with the currently being retired phone since the reason it is being ditched is its unreliability, I'm having a not so much moment with that plan.

Current idea is that maybe I'll just hang onto it and the SIM that came with the new phone as a JIC (just in case) personal back up should the new phone walkaway from me unexpectedly.

I'm still not crazy about the whole icon interface and some of the functions are not going to be used since they will use services/charges that I'm not interested in paying for at this time.

I do plan to use the MP3 playing functions and the step counter and I'll learn to like or at least tolerate the icon interface eventually. For now it is just slog through getting contact numbers into the phone.

So if you know me and you think I have your number -- think again. Plenty of minutes on my plan so phone it in and help me get reconnected.

Moving onto the title of the posting there's this nice little snap of the Sunny Yellow Comfort Cardi for Stacy's 44 Sweaters effort. It is based on the Tater's Cotton Cardi from Marie Grace Designs but, as I said before, whether I will stay true to the design is anyone's guess.

Still, if you're thinking about doing a sweater for a kidling and especially a charity sweater for a kidling, free patterns are the bomb and this one is working up nicely.

Yes, there could be diagrams, there could be stitch counts, there could be place marker (PM) explicit instructions and I probably would have knit rather than purled the central seam stitch YO to make it an even more obvious marker (oy how she edits) but it is a free pattern and it works.

At 6" from cast on and on its way to 7.5", it is in semi-perpetual not growing, not growing, not growing mode as I work my way toward dividing and working the sleeves.

As any knitter will tell you this also means that it will also likely magically get too long and need to be frogged/ripped mode.


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