21 March 2009

So you wanna see a sweater?

No shock to hear that my faithfully following a pattern went out the window.

I like the sunny yellow but I couldn't see it as a sunny yellow and lace so I pulled the bright yellow/green comfort into the mix.

When I polished off the first sleeve I did the four rows of purling that the pattern called for. I let it sit until I finished the second sleeve. On that sleeve I knit four rows.

The difference between the two methods is that the purled sleeve rolls back and under and the knit sleeve rolls up and over.

I'm definitely in the rolls up sleeve camp so I frogged the first one back and am on my way to making my next decision about the rest of the sweater.

Not sure whether I'm going to add more colour to the body or just leave it plain yellow and only use the green for the trim. I'm leaning toward the latter but could be seduced by some stitch pattern or another and yes, that does mean I've been browsing them.

The sleeve looks a bit puckery but it doesn't really pull in much at all. The tension is pretty even so I think it will flatten out with a wash.

Although I think it would be great to have it done by Monday I'm not going to push it too much and risk a knit related injury.

When I was on walkabout with it today I could feel the weight of it in my shoulders.

I suspect that the shoulder thing is probably less weight than about knitting on 4.25mm needles and not mixing it much in the last few weeks.


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