20 March 2009

The fun just never stops

About four years ago I was taking classes in programming and Linux administration with an eye toward changing the career path back to writing code rather than writing about code.

The programming side of things was to sharpen old skills and the latter more to get the course credit than the skill set. Although I was prepping with community college courses, I'd already received a go ahead from UCSD to waive some of the prerequisites on the C classes I wanted to take based on my ancient assembler programming experience

That whole effort derailed when I had to go 'cross country to clear out my mother's apartment as her health was fading. The rest of that year was an emotional roller coaster not very conducive to success in school and that's without even touching on the less that helpful info about my work/life balance options.

'Round about the same time. There was noise about condo conversion. Back then it freaked me out because I couldn't really deal with the prospect of having to move on my own and all the disruption. Add to that the fact that at my income level I could neither afford to buy nor was I going to be seeing any help from the City.

Fast forward, I'm doing my master's (doing well so far btw thanks for asking), I've been laid off and the condo conversion is back on the horizon. Pish.

The fun news here just doesn't know when to quit. My initial reaction was uncharacteristically emotional and yeah, I'm thinking that that's a context thing and the fact that I've been in crazy hunker down mode for the last couple of days.

I've calmed down a bit. It isn't a must move now notice but it is another reminder that I need to manage the time and options before it all becomes crisis mode.

Finally reached sleeve division on the Something Sunny for Stacy front, and my faithfulness to the pattern has, as expected, already fallen by the wayside.


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