25 March 2009

I'll take crazy people in the alley for 200 please Alex

The pedometer reset itself while I was on walkabout.

n the pedometer reset I'll just have to take another long way round Balboa Park circuit tomorrow and see what the rest of the step count was because I'm pretty sure that I walked a little more than 2291 steps today.

Some of those steps were empathy steps as a fellow Knit@Nite knitter was having a key crisis in the Uptown Shopping Centre parking lot. Since I've been through the same thing with the cell phone recently I can so relate.

With nothing but school work in my evening, I opted to play the second go through the bags, retrace steps commiserate, talk about something else, calm and comb the space.

There were two walkabout and skateboard tie-ins today. The first was a young boarder ('bout 9 or 10) hanging by the organ pavilion who was just blown away by my walking and knitting.

He was waiting for his family and very interested in knitting. He didn't really believe I was knitting a fish shape until he saw one of the finished ones I was carting about as a template for knitting new fish.

I really hope he follows through with his grandmother and or with Kid's Knitting which I strongly suggested as a resource.

The other boarder moment was one of my fave TJ's dudes who caught grief from me and everyone else about a boarding wipe out that wall over his face -- scab city on forehead and nose and I know how much that had to bleed.

He's a good guy and I still haven't really done enough to design a kewl hair containment headband solution. Since I'm 'tween projects right now maybe I should noodle about with that. Fixation and/or illusion knitting were early days impressions and I think that's still a good vision.

Rambled home around 8pm and although it was too early and way too Wednesday for it, within minutes of turning the key in the lock, I got an anonymous soap opera high drama of people who were either crazy or crazy drunk arguing and crying and otherwise carrying on outside my windows.

Blogger's you might be SPAM so your blog is locked has kicked itself into an erroneous false positive for this here blog so if and when this is going to get published is anyone's guess.

If I were more poetically inclined I'm write an ode to an
annoying algorithm.

It may have tagged me that way because I publish, check the layout, adjust and republish in relatively short order sometimes.

I would happily stop doing that if the cute little code monkeys could you possibly work on kicking in coding that will give me a true preview of the blog post based on template changes I've made. You know, something difficult like reading the blog's column width settings and showing that rather than some erroneous default as a preview. Read and apply -- probably not a tough task.

I've asked for that little feature at least once or twice and I don't think it is unreasonable since you allow me to make those template changes so why not honour them in a preview?

What can I say? I care about layout and always have. Whether doing newsletters, newspapers, ads, brochures, books, magazines, menus or web pages -- layout matters.


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