29 March 2009

Twos -- icord, frogs, step counters and sweaters for the 44

On Friday, I got the leaves into the mail and then went walkabout through Balboa Park and the hood.

I was knitting icord. The idea was to create lovely green icord frogs for the all but done Something Sunny for Stacy sweater.

About a third of the way along, I got one strip of about the right size done, tucked up into the outer pocket of my bag, and started on a second.

When the second was reaching maybe the right size, I dug into that outer pocket only to discover that the icord had escaped. Okay, it is just icord and only an hour or so's knitting but aargh never the less.

So I found myself wondering what someone would make of about 14 inches of icord on the ground.

My best guess was that it had hooked itself to the camera strap and flipped itself free when I stopped to take a shot of some tree lizards cavorting over by the police stables but since I was outside TJ's when I discovered it missing, I wasn't going to track back.

I did roll through the same area yesterday and, believe it or not, the icord was where I thought it would be with just a bit of dirt to show for its time on the ground.

Both icord bits got a hand wash but I'm not loving the frog closure idea because even 3 stitch icord seems a bit too big for a kid's sweater. One big flower would work for me but two frogs are a big not so much. So I'm back to digging for buttons and "auditioning" stash yarn for possible floral options.

While digging about, I found two hanks of Paton's Melody in a pale pink. It's an uber-bulky acrylic just right for a fast kid knit and a good change it up to prevent injury for my knitting health. Cast on today with Yeti from Berrocco as my general guideline.

I'm not getting gauge but I am getting fabric I like and because I'm not getting gauge I'm also getting more at the three month size instead of newborn which is a good thing. I won't have enough to make it a hoodie but I'll adjust.

Friday's walkabout was mostly to make myself move after an unintentionally sluggish day on Thursday courtesy of that little cell phone network problem and to figure out how many miles I put in on Wednesday when the pedometer reset itself.

I'd forgotten that the cell phone has a pedometer feature. This puts me back into the two sources of information that don't agree situation.


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