27 March 2009

San Diego Circuit -- shorted

Yesterday I got all excited because I got an email telling me that one of the books I want/need for one of my term papers was available for pick up.

Great timing since this week they are at the county annex -- Kearny Mesa. Hmm, easy enough noon to 2pm simple run and I can be all HIB (Human Information Behaviour) all weekend.

So around noon, I head out and, as I did, it struck me that I hadn't driven the truck in about 10 days so it was sort of strange to be behind the wheel.

Although I used to know that area fairly well, it has been awhile, so I went the Mapquest route. As it turns out, Mapquest is not quite mesa savvy with directions.

But I got there. Found the bookmobile. Found a parking space. Got my library card out and we're all good right? Not quite, ooops, my book's not there. And there's not a way to check on where it might be -- pish.

With a bit of luck and a network fix from AT&T cellular, I should get a call later today about whether it is sitting in Vista seriously MIA and/or how we we want to go from here. No news on the inter-library loan on the other title.

Eight out of 20 fish now attached to the fish afghan. Lots of ends of blue Comfort being carefully concealed inside the now double sided fish other ends/strands of blue Comfort will still need to be woven into the blue background but the number is shrinking so the task is less daunting.

And yes, still ignoring the grafting gorilla question.

Bit of bad news in that the nice little yellow fish I knit the other day are just a wee bit smaller than their fellow fish so I may be doing more still.

Meanwhile, as soon as the camera battery charges up, I'm off to the post office with the eight leaves bound for Huntsville as in
Jennifer Marsh's International Fiber Collaborative Tree Project. Seven out of the eight are knit in Comfort so that's Seven Southern Comfort leaves.


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