22 April 2009

Pickup and pish

Theoretical goal on fishies was to:
  1. Finish up sewing the front to back fishies
  2. Undo the two knitted together panels with the live stitches
  3. Graft those panels by connecting live to picked up stitches
And get all of that and more done by the 19th so -- stretch goal -- I could have it written up, finished and ready to hand off to Tony, Jen and Theo.

I actually got the sewing bit done, one of the panels all happily grafted and was well chuffed with my progress in picking up stitches for the other grafting job until it became crazy clear that the pick up ratio I'd used was not even close to the number of live stitches I needed to graft them to.

Hrumph. I could not bribe anyone into taking them up and picking up the required number of stitches -- pish.


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