16 April 2009

Foil bunnies, files, acetone, eff and Fkeys

If my mastery of my new phone with its camera capability was better, or if I'd get off my bum and go buy a new battery for the digital camera (can you say not holding the charge it should?), a slightly different version of this image would have graced the blog on Easter Sunday (okay, so Easter Monday at the latest).

Readers of the blog and/or people who know me understand that I like the unexpected and I just notice stuff. I especially notice the unexpected.

I was walking through one of the alleys 'round here the other day when I looked down and saw a little sign of Easter in the form of two small foil wrapped presumably chocolate bunnies. I pulled out my trusty digital camera to discover that the battery was pau. Tried the cell phone's camera but wasn't terribly successful.

I was surprised that they were still there when I snapped this shot. Oddly, the bunnies were not in the same position as when I first saw them but they were still there. Okay, well, either that or someone is just randomly putting foil wrapped choco bunnies out and replenishing the supply when people take the bunny bait.

I do not recommend having acetone anywhere near today's computer keyboards. The relatively thin plastic (light weight is good but has consequences) key caps melt rather quickly. Quick action, turn upside down and blot, blot, blot mostly worked out but for some reason the X key did not want to behave properly in its home position but is perfectly happy and functional as a function key 12 and function key 12 is happy to play X and we are so not talking about why the lower right "what the hell is that silly flaggy" key literally took a flyer and has not been seen nor missed other than for me to wonder WTF it was supposed to do on the Linux box.


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