06 April 2009

A day or so's diagonal

During Knit@Nite, Stacy and I talked a bit about wanting to have more larger sized sweaters and more sweaters that are clearly geared for boys.

Easy enough to make a baby sweater and fun to make something cute for a girl but kids come in all sizes and boys need sweaters too.

I had actually been thinking about doing another medium sized girl's sweater out of the stash of pink that became irrelevant once a certain young lady in Ohio got too old for too much pink but boys need sweaters too and in larger sizes.

I know I have more Woolease and/or the seemingly endless supply of navy Anna Belle City (that I thought I had used up) hiding somewhere but what I could find was four hanks of the City and two each of two colours of Woolease.

Since the City doesn't knit up to the same gauge and the two blue colours of Woolease need something else to make them not butt ugly, I spent a little more time
digging around a bit in the stash room for more use it up possibilities.

That's when I remembered the stash of nice acrylic I bought at ColdSpring Mills forever ago. I pulled out a couple of hanks of a taupe/brown acrylic and I'm estimating that my gauge is going to yield a 32 to 34 inch chest pullover for some kiddo.

I got going with a bottom up diagonal rib over 150 stitches.

At 12.5 inches or so I'll be dividing for front and back.

I think that I'm going to go with a raglan sleeve and was considering having the bottom of the sleeves spiral like the bottom of the sweater.

I'm still trying to decide whether to keep the spiral going all the way up to the divide for front and back or whether to do "stripes" of diagonal rib and plain stocking stitch.

This was yesterday's progress and the four inches or so after the rolled bottom reflects about a day or so's knitting.

Needle size is my way too often US 5 (3.75mm) and while I should be able to knock it out in about a week, I may well need to shift gears and work small.

I'm not making huge progress with the Ravelry store. I need to do some print quality (as opposed to web quality) photos of things like the daffs, the shell scarves, the elephant hat, baseball, etc. Since I gave away the Senso daffodil to Carmen of Bergere de France at TNNA, I need to knit another one or two for photos. Might not be a bad idea to shift gears that way so I can photograph the knitted daff with the more organic ones.


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