05 April 2009

Wonderous Whistlestop and some skully stuff

I finished sewing fishies onto the afghan the other day.

On the same day I took out one of the two knitted together but still live stitches connections, picked up stitches and completed the grafting.

Barreling right along, I started to do the same with the last panel but the pick up ratio was just way too off to fudge so I put it aside and

The plan for Whistlestop was to revisit the picking up of stitches to do the last graft instead of bind off, but when I finally got there, Jen was visiting with baby Theo.

So we went for catch up time and show the blanket in progress and the not yet delivered to Stacy sweater instead of picking up stitches and grafting.

Theo is the most adorable baby. Seriously, all the work and effort with the blanket totally, totally worth it.

Skull is sidewalk art from the other day's ramble.


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