03 June 2009

On shelves now

This photo is from my first tangible sighting of Knitting In the Sun.

After a day of take the meetings job interview
swing, I popped into BookStar in Point Loma/Loma Portal and found KITS positioned between EZ's Knitting Without Tears and Maggie Radcliffe's Color Knitting Techniques --- nice company

I couldn't resist a leaf through and I sorta kinda gotta gush.

As a print media person and die hard photographer, I found it to be a visual delight. I totally love what Stephen did with the photo of Haleakala and would dearly love to own a poster sized print of the shot with the sand bucket.

I was sort of impressed with the chair but even more impressed with his staging, treatment/styling and even the best of my bark orders on photo shoots days could not have improved on that shot -- wonderful.

I did my pimp the book duty as I was heading out to mention to the staff that the book has local interest with author, designers, models, photographer & location.


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