26 June 2009

Colour me clueless

The launch party for KITS was at Knitting In La Jolla on the 16th of the missing May.

I was really fun to see the other designs, the other designers, the book and knitters.

In true show of maybe I'm not as full of myself as some people think I am, I was shocked to discover that people wanted me to sign my design in the book.

I was also clueless as to the fact that it, like several other designs, my design had a photo in the book other than the ones directly associated with the pattern pages. So colour me clueless.

So those of you with a strange scribble that might vaguely look like a signature on my pattern page -- you have a collector's item but only if you also snagged autographs of other designers on site in addition to Kristi's.

I hope to be somewhat more polished at this weekend's signing and meet and greet at Bonita Knit & Sew.


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