22 June 2009

Santorini swatching

I was so charmed by Lisa Limber's jacket in Knitting In the Sun that, even though I have said that I don't want to knit anything for the size I am now, I decided to make an exception.

I looked with some lust at the elann samples for May and June and even swatched a couple but budget and practicality prevailed.

So I turned to stash and after a couple of that could work -- oops not quite enough outings, I actually started to inventory my stash and capture the information on Ravelry.

Thus began the process of stash swatching for suitable yarns.

Quite a few hit the not quite enough yardage wall and others, like the cone of recycled yarn in a nice neutral failed the even remotely correct gauge test.

Not shockingly, even the suggested yarn failed the gauge test.

Although I was leaning toward neutrals or at least something on the subtle side with perhaps a bit of a green or yellow tone, that's not what has hit the needles at least for this go 'round. Think Aegean blue

I may or may not written about this before but most edgings are very directional and while that works pretty well for pullovers and for shawls that are round or rectangular it can present a bit of a problem for cardigans and triangular shawls.

The edging on this cardigan/jacket is lovely wave lace pattern that, by the nature of the location of increases and decreases creates a flat side and a "jut out" side.

If you look at the picture of the cardigan on page 109 of the book (great picture BTW), you can see how that plays out in the front of the garment.

So pretty much, the right side of the bottom bit of the pink swatch is the right front side of the cardigan and the left side of that same swatch would be the bottom bit of of the left side.

To be more clear -- | meets <> meets < ? Right now I'm leaning toward > meets <. But that creates another set of problems.


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