12 June 2009

Construction again or I love the scent of diesel in the office

On the 8th, an all too familiar scent wafted through the window of the office -- diesel fuel.

With all the construction that's surrounded me in the last few years I'd be shocked if my lungs aren't an environmental disaster area.

Condo conversion directly across the street, two major construction projects a block away and a third one block over.

Throw in a couple of tear downs and townhouse projects within a three block area and you get the idea of just how much fun it has been 'round here.

Later that day when I went out on walkabout I discovered that single family homes are again taking a hit in Hillcrest.

Three plus this time on Centre Street.

The plus is because a couple of them were two on a lot before the diesel powered North American Bobcat and its associated construction buddies took up residence.

Rumour has it that the final outcome will be an all too rare apartment complex but I have my doubts. The smart money is usually to start as a condo so you can preserve the option to revert to condo when the market shifts.

Regardless it is another round of demolition and construction fun.

They start work around 7am and don't stop until around 6pm so there's a constant back up beep punctuating most week days round here.


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