05 July 2009

Helping hats or the 1000 fab hats project

When I was a kid I loved hats and I wore them well.

Later on my little pin head and lots of hair combo made hats a more problematic issue but I was still not above stealing Panamas, Cookie Cutters, and other dashing haberdashery items from male friends on the unprincipled principle that they looked better on me.

Come to think of it, I had something of the same MO when it came to the hats of my youth.

I know for a fact that one of my favourites was a cream coloured felt number with a jaunty tilt that I'm pretty sure I stole from my mother.

Wish I still had that hat as I am now coming back around again to being now old enough (rather than young enough) to pull off the eccentric vintage thing.

But enough about me and even about my hats, this post is about a hat project called 1000 Fabulous Knitted Hats and I still need to do some photography to get my projects in for consideration.

This is a project put together between Annie Modesitt and Rockport Publishing (aka Quarry Books) and the original deadline for the photographs was 1 July but it has been extended to 15 July.

  • Click on the links to get the information & forms
  • Get out your digital cameras and set them to take PRINT rather than WEB quality photos -- yeah, I know, you may have to actually read the instruction manual & clear some space on your memory card -- and shoot some of those masterpieces.
  • Or, if you happen to have a lovely cache of digital photos of great hats, go through the files and pick a winner.
I know I'd love to see the Mary Lee Herrick Chicken hat that got away from me during the DAE 2002 Knitter's Auction and not for want of bidding btw turn up in the pages of this project.

In case you're wondering, the panda hat shown is, as far as I know, still in the possession of the person I knit it for and also occasionally getting linked to by Myspace people without my approval as documented in this 2007 blog posting. With the extended deadline, I may try to get the hat back for a photo shoot even if I wouldn't really relish revisiting that design.

The other for consideration hats hit another snag today when fave bartender was not on Whistlestop patrol at our knitting Sunday. Still, I'll work it out and clear that memory card to make room.


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