29 December 2009

Half Octagons again

No, no, really, it will make it to Montana at some point before the Spring. But I just wasn't happy with the swirl factor of the front and so there was another pass at blocking.

Truth? It didn't make that much difference once I took the blocking wires out.

Still, I did get a nice shot of the almost finished item. All that's left is a crochet chain and button or buttons.

I have some options but I'm not in love with any of them. More precisely, I'm not committed to any of them. Some great buttons from The Spirit of the Cloth, an idea about doing a Dorset button out of either the Curious Creek or some embroidery floss or some other option.

I really want to work with both Kristine's yarn and also with the half polygons in the geometric progressions with a bit of luck both of those will come together but playing with Colonnade has reignited my interest in partial polygons and what does and doesn't work when combining lace and hand/boutique dyed yarn.

I'm also very much loving how the JoAnn's bargain 72" wide felt is working out as a photo backdrop.

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