21 November 2009

Diagonal ribbing and 44 sweater update

Careful readers and folks on Ravelry will know that my pal Stacy (aka Artmama) got a wild hair to do a service project called 44 sweaters in honour of the 44th Prez of the United States of America.

For the not politically aware that's the current one (Barak Obama).

Anyhow, I was one of Stacy's fellow knitters and crocheters who helped her reach her goal of 44 sweaters for kids all donated to the
Vista Hill Foundation.

I contributed three of the 44 sweaters.

The first one was adapted pattern from Tater's Cotton Cardigan knit, in my case, from Comfort left over from the still-in-process Fish Afghan/Blanket documented here back in March/April.

In that particular case the adapting pretty much means I used her cast on and increase ratio/shaping/sizing and changed pretty much everything else. If you look closely it is the bright yellow cardigan on the long line of sweaters in the backdrop of some of the images on Stacy's blog and also on the Vista Hill Foundation's press release photos about this project.

The second one, the quick knit baby sweater, was adapted from
Baby Yeti from Berroco to fit the amount of yarn I had (read short row garter stitch shawl collar) from a "what was I thinking?" yarn exchange at the Whistlestop some years back.

I was either showing or delivering one of the sweaters to Stacy at Knit @ Nite when we got to talking about how few sweaters there were for bigger kids and/or boys when I decided to start a third sweater for that under served demographic.

The diagonal sweater is the result. It is shown here and Stacy's blog (check the link) shows it in action on its beautiful recipient.

The yarn is a beautiful soft acrylic in a lovely taupe brown.

I bought the yarn more than a decade ago at Cold Spring Mill in Yorkshire and I still have plenty on hand.

This one fully my own design -- basic gansey featuring a diagonal rib with rolled neck and rolled cuffs.

Knit from bottom to top with also bottom up sleeves joined to body at the armholes before raglan shaping up to the rolled neck.

The sizing is generous with about a 32" chest. These projects have really brought home the charm of designing for children's sizing and no, I still haven't sized the sweater up for adults but it is on the long and winding to do list.

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