05 November 2009

Sometimes good gauge is bad scale

You know the theory that says only skinny gals look good in stuff knit from/in bulky yarn?

Doesn't always work that way.

I finally got 'round to clicking over to the Fall Knitty and fell for the clever combo of solid to hand-dye of Stephen West's Colonnade.

Ultimately, after much back story (not included here), I ended up working my version (different # of stitches et cetera) up on 3.75mm needles, Rowan Merino/Silk blend and some gorgeous Curious Creek mohair/wool blend.

I was happily working away on it at Knit @ Nite and delighted to be able to show Suzanne of Knitting In La Jolla (seasonally able to come and just be another knitter) how very well my 11th hour colour substitution was working out. I did not share it in the 'round table show & share.

Enter a fellow guild member, a lovely woman, prolific knitter, and a tad petite. She knit Colonnade in Manos.

She got moose lace. In addition, the styling shown in Knitty, was not working on her small frame.

She also saw some issues with the way the "fronts" which is to say that they curve.

Not being shy sorts, I, and other Knit @ Nite people, had ideas and suggestions.

My sense was that it would work on her better as a shawl/caplet and that she was right about the scale being over powering. So much for the bulky is only for little people.

The curving had me a bit concerned for my own project but the task at hand was to make fellow guild member figure out a way to be happy with her work product.

Images here are from progress on my version as of the 1st.


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