02 November 2009

Creative storage or October's organising overflow I

My blocking solution over the years has been the use of fibreglass foam insulation panels. I have four of them.

Even though they are the best solution for some one with limited floor/wall space, they present their own storage problems.

Years ago when I reworked the studio closets with shelves to hold yarn and fabric, I had this great idea that I would just slide the panels horizontally into the closets.

Well, not quite. Even with the closet doors wide open, the opening is two inches (read two doors) too narrow to accommodate that storage solution.

Doors off? Well, without getting into the whole painted over the hinges issue (why do people paint hardware???), I'm using the open doors to support a room width shelf that I really need and probably couldn't otherwise find stud support for -- aaarggghhh.

Cut the panels? Not a pretty or very precise choice at least not for me. The beauty of the panels is that the do have a defined size and can be butted against each other to form the size needed for different projects.

Three of the four panels are still in a transient existence but one has found an interesting over the door storage solution.

I recycled a USPS priority mail shipping box with box cutters and duct tape (as needed) to form four corner units.

I punched holes into those corners and threaded twine through them. Hung the whole bit from the gap between a thumb tack and the top of the door.

This particular door is the one I see from my computer "control centre" so it often houses things to photograph, working/thinking projects, go back items and more. I like to think of it as my "need to deal with" panel.

No, it isn't pretty but it works and takes wasted space and makes it work.

The box I used might accommodate a 2nd blank panel piggybacked but right now all of my other panels have projects pinned out on them.


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