31 October 2009

Dear Prudence Part 1

Remember Brilla? Yarn who was rejected for pin cushion purposes?

Well, those two white skeins recently hit my radar
and seemed the perfect fit for a knitted lace collar.

A knitted lace collar? Well, yes.

No, not for me. People who know me IRL know its back story and future.

I can't remember whether the idea came before or after another project that had me thumbing through my stitch treasuries for lace borders, edgings and/or panels.

When that project found me gnashing my teeth, muttering about Barbara Walker Treasuries and doing more charting (and recharting) than knitting, a look see into the Guild's library offerings ended up with me rediscovering a book I'd dismissed for my personal library years ago.

The book, Knit One, Make One In Classic Knitted Cotton was written by Furze Hewitt who also authored Classic Cotton Edgings (in my library) and Traditional Lace Knitting (not in my library).

Years ago, I found Knit One, Make One in a local used book store but rejected it because its balance of projects to stitch patterns for design inclusion wasn't working for my needs. It still has a lot of projects I'll never knit but some of those projects have stitch patterns that I can adapt and even the projects have adaptation possibilities.

Brilla is not classic knitted cotton but rather a cotton/rayon mix and even though I am working this up on 2.5mm needles it is sort of chunky. It isn't moose lace but it also isn't a delicate flower block into an ethereal experience. Feminine but very strong statement and definition.

I don't have any strong plans to block, or, as suggested for pure cotton, iron/press the welting textures out of the piece. I'm also thinking button hole(s) and a few small pearl buttons rather than a ribbon.


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