21 October 2009

Carrying water -- bottles that is

While I was fighting with nylon cord that wasn't working up as expected back in July, I went to one of my Knitting Nights and, for some reason or another, the positively painful pink nylon twine on the needles got a bit of attention.

I'm not sure exactly how the idea came about, but since the original water bottle carrier was for a friend doing the Breast Cancer 3 Day, and one of the people taking note of the work is part of the Team In Training group, it just fell into place that I could support the effort with a design and a practical item to make the walk easier.

At one of the Spring/Summer knitting night get togethers, I went from a sort of vague water bottle size, a general notion of how it would fit onto the hydration belt to a sketch and a few notes based on the actual belt and bottle.

She trained, I worked on other projects but finally got project on needles. After some very real false starts with my brain/fingers refusing to remember the knitted mock filet crochet variation I'd become enamoured with some years back , I finally got it on the needles and finished.

We did a couple of tweaks to the end product mostly for her specific ergonomic preferences and perhaps next year we'll do the pattern or a pattern & knit as a fund raiser. I would, as ever, change a few things on the design so it could work for more people's preferences -- slightly different design and it fits on a bike rather than a belt, can fit on either or can convert to a different carry method (for this size a wrist strap).

Team in Training's colours are white, green & purple -- the white was easy but matching the other colours in nylon twine was not happening. I went for the only vivid green available and had to go coned fine gauge cotton for the purple icord element. More materials research might be in order.

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