14 November 2009

Fabric finds -- nursery numbers

This started as a posting about older embroidery projects but drifted. Sometimes things work that way.

Okay, so things work that way more often than not -- bite me. The bite me is an homage to pal Karen the linguist. She and Stephanie will get/enjoy the reference.

Long ago and far away I found these in a thrift store. I loved the whimsy of the fabric with its Beatrix Potter vibe.

I could never quite figure out if these were supposed to be place mats or ill considered (read no opening) pillow covers or what but I liked the fabric/vibe and the price was right.

I may have had a project in mind or I may have had a friend in mind when I bought them but eventually they were lost in the stash/clutter maelstrom.

Fast forward, the undefined project never appeared and while the fabric still appeals, I'm not the believes in fairies woo-woo widow who decorates in this genre (and probably never will be) that would decorate a home with this stuff.

I'm thinking that, unless I cut them up for sachets or some small gift giving sewing project that suddenly hits the front of my queue, they need to go live elsewhere.

In my world, known friends I know get first dibs and/or first refusal.

My front of the queue known friend in this case is Stephanie who just happens to have a penchant for sewing and a perfect for Beatrix Potter vibe kidling or two.

Unlikely to manage a hand off before the end of the year but they can be bundled up and find a temporary home in the pending delivery basket.


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