28 November 2009

Collared or Prudence Part 2

Although in the knitting early days my fingers/brain seemed intent on not learning the rhythm of the pattern, the Brilla Prudence lace collar knit up quickly once it really hit the front of the knitting queue.

I cast on on the 10th of October and finished on the 22nd of November.

I'm quite clear that October was more tinking, frogging and taking the back seat to Carol's colour splash shawl project.

Prudence ended up taking 31 lace points to get what I think is a reasonable length to fit 'round neck/shoulders.

I added a small short row tab with a single YO/2tog button hole to accommodate the faux pearl button closure.

The photos don't quite do justice to how lovely the Brilla worked up. The sheen of the rayon almost makes it look beaded.

While it has some heft to it (it took 75g to complete), the overall impression is substantial but not heavy and feminine but not delicate. For my purposes and my vision, it fits/works on all levels and the 31 points are something of an inside serendipitous joke.

I'm more than a bit curious to see how this and other collar patterns would work up using hand paints and way bigger needles and yes, I am thinking chill chaser more than garment collar but garment collar would also be interesting to explore.

This construction
would also be interesting for a skirt or an off shoulder frill/flounce treatment.

It has just a few more public appearances to make here in San Diego before it ships off to its new home/owner.

I'm wishing I had another full hank of white Brilla so I could crank out another collar before the end of the year.


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