01 December 2009

Portrait of the knitter as a young girl

Or back when my mother and I both really liked my profile, my mother had this silhouette piece done of me.

I think I remember the hat -- a modified cloche with a wide velvet ribbon that was my Easter bonnet in maybe 1961 or thereabouts.

I remember a long lost hazy photo or two of me and my brother from that time line.

In a perfect world, I'd be able to pair this shot with a photo of the
silhouette I had done at Disneyland about 20 years later.

That bit of my history is in the I'm sure it is here somewhere but I've no clue where column, so maybe next December it will debut.

No knitting content today although there's plenty in the queue -- old knitting magazines with quirks and forward looking designs, updates on Santorini Sand and more.


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