02 January 2013

Dials, clocks, begins with A and arithmetic

photo of non-digital clock
Today's words were trains, arithmetic, arch, clock, dial, begins with A, sound, something new, and  celebration.

So how did I do? I have images of train and arch in recent archives but I'm holding off on playing the archive card until I'm truly stymied for shots worth posting.

En route to the job, I saw a 50% off sale sign in a store window. Great 50% off = arithmetic. Traffic light did not cooperate with any "quick take the shot" ideas I may have had. It was too dark to snap a good shot on the way home especially as I took a detour to stalk and shoot an an illusive illuminated tree.

Clock was easy -- honking huge, always right 2x a day (needs batteries changed) hanging on the wall in my home office was hard to miss. Quick click a snap the not tick-tocking clock and head down the hill into the other office.

Command and mode dial on camera
Dial was a glad I had both cameras with me and stopped thinking about soap and combination locks light bulb moment.  I seemed to have to either accept a bit of glare from either the flash or sunlight streaming through the window or no flash with less clarity.

Begins with A? One of my wonderful (and very photogenic) co-workers sat for a quick sitting but that's an email her a copy not a plaster the image on the Internet sort of thing. I do need to exercise a bit of care with the camera in the office or people will be asking me to take replacement ID badge photos.

More on the elusive illuminated tree on another day or maybe in a FB photo album.  I'd like to catch some shot of it from a few more angles at a slightly earlier time before it goes dark.  I'd also like to break out the tripod and get the zoomed distance shot of it that's been teasing me for a month or so.

Some of the other seen from the parking garage holiday lights have already gone dark and for some reason, I didn't go out of my way to drive through almost Xmas mall traffic to get those holiday lights in my viewfinder.

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Blogger Debbi McNeer said...

So clever to use one camera to take a photo of another one. I've done that with the built-in camera on the computer a time or two. Looking forward to the tree, and I know what you mean. Sometimes what I see with my eye is as good as it gets ...

Blogger walkaboutknitter said...

I got into photography originally not just because of a boyfriend but because I could get closer to what I saw in my mind's eye with a camera (when I shot alot) than I could with my hands in painting/sketching/etc.

Digital is a whole new world but my goal is to get my skill set/comfort level back to the point where aperture/shutter and such is as 2nd nature as knowing a couple of different ways to get the increase/decrease slant I want and the like.

Speaking of which, I still need to connect up with my professional photographer neighbour to cross pollinate our skill sets.


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