17 January 2010

Topping the Topiaries a San Diego Safari Part 2

Going Ape

Me? I should be doing the whole walkabout to the Whistlestop this weekend or being local social at a potluck but I've been fighting with my swatches for a geometric half octagon and
multiple conflicting social obligations as per usual mean go to neither.

My first real world swatch had some bad bias problems.

The second version (triangle not 1/2 octagon) suggested that I'd imagined the bias.

The third version validated the first so frog, frog, rethink, rechart and reknit. It was all going so well when I took knitting and only hand done chart of the reworked patterning went off on a 10 mile walkabout yesterday and only the knitting and I came home. . . to all here's an all too familiar -- pish.


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