02 January 2010

We all scream for ice cream

I was thinking about the guild's tea party challenge when I went digging in the stash room for nasty acrylic suitable for knitted food.

Originally the idea was revisiting my cup cake technique to either knit a half dozen or so as part of the challenge and also to surprise a very dear local knitter and fellow guild member on her birthday.

I'd also been considering working that technique or some other variant on a larger scale to create a multi-tiered cake purse/bag using a rescued cardboard container.

The container, resembling a cut down heavy duty ice cream carton had previously been forced into a life of ugly by some country-quaint obsessed crafter who I'm sure meant well when she gave it to me many years ago covered in very busy fabric and quilt batting.

No, there will be no picture of the fabric but keep reading to see if a cake purse takes form at some point.

Somewhere along the knitting thought process, the ice cream side took over and this is what happens when you combine acrylic yarn, diluted white glue, an empty yarn cone, and some short rows.

I was thinking of lining the cone with a cone but I don't have very many of them and those that I have aren't quite the right size as it turns out.

I settled on the glue story because I ended up wanting this to be functional or capable of being functional. So the scoops got the glue treatment lightly. Next they got blocked over a plastic ball and filled with poly-fil. I then cut and sewed a circle of reinforced felt to the bottom of the scoop.

Scoop and cone were stitched together in one small segment next to a crocheted chain loop.

You can actually fit knitting needles (dps) or other knitting notions into the cone and the scoop functions quite nicely as a pin cushion.

It was fun, the short rows to form the way more regular than a real scoop of ice cream really added to the pieces. But the best part was being able to delight with knitting a fellow knitter who is a great delight in my life.


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