03 January 2013

Glasses or special specs

photo of orange reader glasses on a black plastic headToday's words should have been easy  -- flower, glasses,

I remembered to pack most, but not all -- because, as we all know you can never find your glasses when you need them -- pairs of my readers into my kit bag before heading into work.

Good intentions and even a prop or two tagged along for the ride.

I'm a huge fan of pointing the camera into the air and seeing what happens (sky shots) and I live in Southern California so flowers are not hard to find or photograph year round.

purple/blue reader glasses on a nose eyeglass holder
But it was one of those days where, with a looming deadline, I kept falling down the rabbit hole of the system I'm writing about.

Tech writers/editors and developers will understand slicing and dicing of different functions in different apps/modules only to find that just when you thought had the like thing/functionality with like thing/functionality you find that a function call in one app doesn't behave the same way in a related one.

This is the oops, grown up version of one of these things is not like the others Sesame Street game but way less fun.  And have I mentioned lately that I'm authoring in Microsoft Word which I really rather loathe.

six pairs of reader glasses with hurricane drinking glasses
I'm annoyed with myself that I don't have more pages/chapters overhauled and rewritten.
I'm trying to be content with how far I've come on the learning curve and keeping my edits/changes aligned with targeted improvement goals and co-worker co-operation.

So as long as I can make what I add/edit correct and not cut out things that don't need pruning right now and create problems down stream, I'm taking it as success.

Which is all a long way of saying that by the time I was thinking about taking up the camera, it was also about an hour after I should have left for home and not only far too dark for photos but arguably too dark to walk through the parking structure (stairs or elevator) alone.

photo of green reader glasses on a black plastic headI did manage to confirm that:
  •  the elusive tree is still illuminated
  • photos of said tree from the parking garage without a tripod area waste of time
  • I probably should have just dropped in at bfd instead of fruitlessly (no really, I wanted the salad with strawberries) hunting and gathering after others had laid waste to Sprouts' meat/fish counter.

So rather than cheat with a cheeky from archives chair related photo, I did a bit of draping under an Ott light and enlisted the aid of a few helpful and uncomplaining volunteers.

photo of purple/blue reader glasses on a clear glass head filled with white yarnThe white guy is a bit of an airhead unless he's stuffed with yarn and sporting specs doncha think?

Black guy, dark handsome and dignified in glasses.  Hope he's not reading this as he already has a pretty big head.

Oh yeah, I dragged down and gave a quick bath to a couple of items in the kitchen cupboard.

I do have plans for a couple of staged photos featuring hearts at some point when/if they come up in the year.

Unless I play with my randomising scheme, I think they come 'round again in May which, will at least give me more daylight hours in which to shoot.

five pairs of reader glasses and a nose eyeglass holder

Although that last pair of readers is hiding, I did find the peeper docking station (thrift shop find gussied up with paint and fingernail polish) and paired it with a co-ordinating pair or two.

BTW, the archived chair photo is funny but I'd rather post it as an augment a taken that day image.

Tomorrow -- opaque, earth, small, front door, out the window, begins with T, hot, the view from here, hero.

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