06 January 2013

More photo play on the day

photo of big front door (bfd) store front by eveningI had high hopes for what I might do with some of the photo prompts for Friday but  it was another productive day at work which tends to mean not a lot of time to take to the lens.

On the front door front, mine is only remarkable for how ugly the colour is (sort of a washed out puce) so while I've seen some charming candidates for that prompt today wasn't the day for their closeups.

I mentioned bfd as a should have gone directly to instead of stopping at Sprouts previously so today that was my direct dinner strategy and, as a bonus in addition to my duck salad dinner, I got a nice photo a day shot. Dinner before 20:00 was just a bonus.

photo of sun setting behind office buildingOne of the prompts I had little hope for was out the window. My apartment mostly has scenic views of alleys, other apartment buildings and the building's courtyard.

My office has similar vista issues. If you like pictures of parking structures or the reflection of one building in another office tower it's a dream. But if that or long shots of other office buildings and unremarkable houses on distant hills -- not so much.

But I lucked out on the out the office window front on Friday. The sun was starting to set behind the other office building when I looked out and caught the "out the window" photo. I took the time to try a few more shots but this one was the only money shot.

photo of knitted wire torsoSince I had set up the mini photo box to take the glasses images, I banked an extra shot on the day for a starts with T image by taking a picture of one of my knitted wire torsos.

I do wish that I could find more of the pink clad floral wire I made this torso and its sister from.

The knitted wire torso makes a good transition to knitting content.  The were to be published last year designs are cycling back around in the mad publishing world's backlog.

My secret squirrel can't show photos/talk much knitting content projects may finally be public -- yeah!

The weekend's photos are done by the time this is posted but the postings not so much.  So watch for postings on handwriting, lemons, coffee and band(s).

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