05 January 2014

Hillcrest's Harelequin for home goods & more

For a few weeks (okay maybe months) now I've meaning to check out the latest business venture @ 127 W University also known as the 2 story stucco building between 1st (Hillcrest Smog)  and Front Street. 

Google maps' street view lies, it is no longer home to Ink -- which was never open when I was stationery inclined (bummer). Now it is home to Harlequin Boutique and yesterday I was delighted to finally cross the doorstep  during business hours.

None of the eclectic garments on offer are likely to fit the current incarnation of my body but that didn't stop me from admiring the selection.

Thankfully, the stock is not limited to tops & frocks.  No, the stock also includes furniture, folios, jewelry, accessories and even kiddie kitsch.  All are artfully displayed, all very reasonably priced and did I mention eclectic?  

I succumbed to a couple of notebooks and dithered over a pair of great retro earrings.  Ultimately, at least for now, the earrings didn't make the cut.

Had I found my way in sooner, a coworker's first Xmas ornament might not have been from the Pottery Guild but one of the hand blown bulbs seen here.

Geographically it is a tick or two off off the beaten track in the three block or so nether regions between 5th Ave corridor and the Mission Hills border so it is easy to overlook but really shouldn't be. 

Stop and shop soon.

And yeah, yeah, I owe posts, photos and maybe a couple of WTF have I been up to updates to my not on FB friends.


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