18 January 2013

Six, black & white and that sky thing

I was hoping to find an archived shot of a local condo high rise for a little 666 action because otherwise today's photos are a big let down

So we'll go with the stupid 6 shots that were taken today and meet the prompts and add a little take a bad shot and make it better action with a black and white filter on a shot from the other day.

The first six shot on the day I actually took  from my vehicle -- cropped but otherwise as I saw it through the windshield.

On the 12th while stalking a good "behind" image, I popped into a courtyard between/behind some shops on 5th Avenue between University and Robinson across from #1 Fifth.

Any how, while scoping the area for a shot I met residents Eric and Eric who got both a big kick out of the project, stored photos and the fact that the plant I am named for is part of the
Ericaceae group of flowering plants.

Great area, lovely courtyard but total light pollution probably in the interest of reduced crime but trust me, low light and some high beams on a motion detector would be a big improvement.

IMO, applying a black and white filter was also a big improvement.  I hope to pop 'round again to chatter with Eric and Eric again and get another chance to shoot the courtyard in colour.

Second six shot was taken just a few moments after the first one as I was walking toward the stairs is good for granularity of the concrete block/stucco the six is painted on.

Finally just because  I liked it, here's the cloud formation out my window just a little before 17:00

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