13 January 2013

Starts with J and circle

photo of a carton of jumbo sized eggs
It has been a tough couple of days for the photo a day project and my current vision of the prompts is not giving me warm fuzzies but I'll figure it out.

I could have just popped down and taken a photo or two of my own truck as truck was on the list and there are plenty of lovely fences that were just waiting to have their photos taken.  Fences awaiting a close up (or at least a bit on lens time) included one that is part of a print (one of yesterday's prompts).

Today wasn't a pop down anywhere sort of day and while stuff on the wall is low hanging fruit, I'm not ready to mine that quite yet.

Instead I opted for circle and starts with J.

Circle was a straightforward shoot a lens in a suitable context. Finding the suitable context was, as ever, the challenge.

On the latter, the easy choice was a snap of the the word January on one of the calendars in the house but the jumbo egg carton had more visual interest.

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