08 January 2013

Paperweights, scissors & watery eyes

Monday's words were shadow, scissors, childhood, faces, name, rural, sometimes, street and horizon.

Sneezing and watery irritated eyes were also on the agenda but no photos of those.

When the constant sneezing finally subsided and I could take a break from the tissue dabbing, I noticed that my right eye looked like it had been on a 3-day bender without me.

The watery tearing seemed to indicate remorse. Mark that as annoyingly unending remorse/tearing.

I'm going with some sort of allergic reaction.  Either that, a head cold with a way more sens-y-tive right eye, or I've taken to not only sleeping wrong but poking myself in the eye as I do.

The scissors are, like the glasses of the other day, an incomplete set. Even though I re-purposed the pipe rack as a scissor organiser, those pesky critters keep finding new places to hide. Still, with the pipe rack plan, I know that two pair of pinking shears and several other scissors are currently otherwise occupied and should be brought back into the fold.

The paperweight has a bit of heather (aka name) encased in a glass globe. I do not believe it has ever "weighted" paper by design. I'm also quite sure that heather does not need to be encased in glass unless it is a living plant trying to stay alive while under my care.

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