07 January 2013

Coffee, bands and rain

photo of black coffee in a blue and white cup
Sunday words: coffee, emotion, glass, bold, clothes, band, fruit, comfort.

Had the weather forecast been different and had I not happened on the lemon tree the previous day, I thought a walk to the Sunday market was in order for shopping and shooting.

The forecast was, of course, wrong, and the morning rain showed up suddenly and aggressively just as I was planning a walkabout. So I changed plans, gears and ran errands via auto rather than foot.

My coffee cup was one of the first things I bought for my Cleveland Heights apartment in 1979. It has been with me ever since and has only a bit of crazing on its occasionally white inner walls.

I've often wished I had more than one of these but I don't think there was a second for sale at the time.

The other word that got a photo nod was band. In this case bands, wedding, two.

Once upon a time these lived on two individual fingers on two related people.

Then for a time they hung together on a cord that could often be found around my neck.

The cord finally frayed with wear.

Now mostly they sit nestled together in a box. On Sunday, they came out for a closeup and to remind me that I need a new cord.

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Blogger Debbi McNeer said...

Love the wedding bands ...

Blogger walkaboutknitter said...

The background is a makeup case and the border is courtesy of the GIMP's fuzzy border filter.


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