09 January 2013

Rocks, water, fountains and not being gormless

photo of rock and water fountain from above & thru rails

When rocks and looking down turned up on today's photo prompt, I had high hopes for taking some decent shots of the office building's fountain from the vantage point of the upper levels of the parking garage.

zoom photo of rock and water fountain from above
I wouldn't go so far as to say that looking forward to seeing whether I get those shots helped me decide that I was well enough to roll back into the office on Wednesday but it was enough of a priority that I did not let myself completely lose daylight before taking the cameras on a walk.

Mind you, had I been super excited (or even less than gormless) about some of the other prompts, I would not have deliberately taken an out of the office, down the stairs, across the patio, up the stairs and back break when I still had daylight to see if I could frame up a shot or two.

photo looking downfrom parking structureA little voice says I should like the not through the railing shot but I do. I tried cropping it to eliminate the ground below the lower rail but I liked the uncropped image much more.  I think the little voice should just shut up.

And even though there were no rocks involved, I included the look back and down through the railing shot that includes the parking structure elevator.

For context, there's a zoomed shot of the fountain and, of course,  I've included a post-work by night shot of the fountain.  Which one made the cut was a total coin toss.

night photo of fountain from aboveIn a duh, moment, I only thought to point down for a shot of the fountain in front of the twin office building after work and well after sundown.

It may have been a nice shot in daylight but the limited lighting sucked big time.  So those sucky photos not included.

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