09 January 2013

Teary Tuesday or not the @ nite I'd planned

photo of oak wood grain
One of my wise co-workers has been known to suggest that you heal while sleeping so if you're sleeping more than usual, you might just be building up your immune system.

Said co-worker has been right more often than not so when my body had no interest in rolling out before 10am, and my right eye was still crying for Argentina, I took it as a sign to let my body rule the rest/roost for one more day.

Today's words were checks, food, cover, begins with B, @night, grain, gold, begins with T, and rock.

photo of a white trellisNow, had I felt well enough to make it into work yesterday and today (and not felt the work late siren song), my thinking was a post work trip to the JCC for knit@nite and the annual potluck.

In great grand theory that plan would have had me brazen enough to whip out a camera and shoot food and the group to meet the food and @ night prompts.

My truth? I might have managed a photo of the exterior of the JCC for an @ nite shot but never have screwed up the brass to photograph the food and people of Knit @ nite.

phto of Jimmy Wong's golden dragon neon sign at night
Back up plan was a close up of the checked pattern on one of those pairs of glasses or some of my TMI nostalgia inducing pieces of embroidery on gingham but I've already hit my over share limit for the week and a closeup of checks on a pair of specs is fun but for another let's get silly time.

Grain would ideally be a wheat shaft, dried husk of corn, some rolled oats, or maybe a hearty artisan loaf on a wooden cutting board with some interesting wood grain.

Of those ideals, I could easily deliver the wood grain idea from multiple options. Of the wooden pieces most likely to strut their stuff, my Mission style oak table's extension leaves are always ready for a closeup and lemon oil while the mahogany pieces are fussier about lightingso the less troublesome pieces got the nod.

photo of on coming headlights and general traffic in 92103
When my sneezing subsided enough for me to feel enough like a people, I bundled up and ambled over to my fave thrift to see my Tuesday evening late hours ladies (wow, that sounds way more scandalous/sexy than it is).

Of course I took the cameras and the photo prompts.

Starts with T -- trellis. I masked the less than perfect focus (good composition/cropping though) with the GIMP's old photo and fuzzy border filters. I'm sure I'll revisit this image but it was after 17:00 and my Tuesday ladies were waiting and I didn't want to keep them worrying.

So, shopping (nothing came home with me but I did enable), visiting, schmoozing and I was walking home mindful of the @night photo prompt and my fondness for things best shot with manual settings.

Getting Jimmy Wong's neon sign in focus has challenged me a time or two so I'm delighted with today's photo. Not perfect but one of my best efforts to date.

Once I'm emboldened by a successful night shot, I can never quite resist trying a few more. Sometimes, as today, I don't even need post upload gamma or other colour corrections. Don't judge, I'm working on it.

photo of lighted stairway from ground level parking in 92103

The last of today's photos is one of those wow, I love it shots that you don't expect to come out without needing help. Last photo on the day so I quit while I was ahead.

Tomorrow's words: sport, looking down, begins with V, begins with A, texture, rock, angle, paper, electric.

I have a looking down plus rock composition in mind but art paper may have to wait.

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