12 January 2013

Lamp, light, behind, surprise

Good news, my for me socks in progress have emerged from the black hole.

Bad news, I don't quite remember what heel style I used to turn the heel. I have some ideas but I'm quite sure I tweaked whatever formula I used.

Good on me for doing the heel in black because, you know that makes it so much easier to read the knitting. Can you hear/feel/sense that sarcasm or should I expose the tagging?

Seriously, my feet are not so crazy different in size that a little difference in the heel will make much difference and I will so totally punt on the 2nd sock's before tearing back the 1st one. It is still sock wearing season in San Diego so I might even get inspired to finish these.

Indeed with an expected overnight low in the almost unheard of 30s, I should probably have these clicking away. At a minimum, my feet should so not be nekkid right now.

Words on the day were light, lamp, landscape, yard, work/play, chain(2x), behind, surprise.

I had surprise in mind and every good intention of documenting one of those "how is it that I didn't notice this before"  things but I didn't get out and about early enough to have a hope in hell against a night sky.

But on my way to the site of the not happening surprise shot, lamp, light and Tap Lighting came together.

Although they don't currently have a leg lamp ala A Christmas Story in the window, the inventory is pretty eclectic.

I did end up with some interesting conversations and shots that might meet the "behind" prompt and then there was the surprise. I think I'll leave both for another day.

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