11 January 2013

C+ or is that C++?

photo of cameras arranged in a flash mob alert circle.
The first C plus (as in starts with C) comes in the form of a photo that is a good example of the bad, bad joke heather some of you have come to know and loathe.

Here's an additional starts with C image from the other day.

It is four of my SLRs (two film and two digital) arranged in an alert circle just in case they need to shoot something.

It's a flash mob because of the flash attachment at the center of the circle.

The C plus is for cards.

Somehow or another (I'm thinking a tag sale), I came to have a few of sets of what I can only surmise were supposed to be shade (like paint sample) cards. Essentially they are coloured card stock pieces about the size of a standard business card with a single punch and connected with a binder ring.

When buying into this photo a day challenge idea, I decided on some rules of engagement that would give me multiple photo prompts each day. To keep track of the prompts during the course of my day, I went low tech and put these babies into service for more than just jotting down the odd note/phone number.

On each card, based on the randomized results for my list and the prompts for the other photo challenge web pages I've identified, I write the photo prompts for the day.

photo of photo prompt cards on a binder ring
I usually write (front and back) a few days worth of prompts and put them on the binder ring.

If a prompt looks promising or I have a specific image/idea in mind, I may also jot down a note.

I attach the lot to my key chain so I have an immediate and constant reminder of the prompts as I go through the day. I circle the prompt when I've taken a shot I'm happy with.

It also comes in handy when I'm trying to explain what the hell I'm doing with the camera.

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Blogger Debbi McNeer said...

Love the cameras, all lined up and ready to shoot. And thanks for explaining how you keep all those prompts organized and handy. I've been wondering. I can barely remember the ONE prompt I shoot each day!

Blogger walkaboutknitter said...

I can't resist a bad joke and a bad visual joke is even better.

A little biz card sized note on a key ring is way more effective than any electronic reminder for me at least.


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