10 January 2013

Mostly starts with C

photo of tree, office building and UPS truck
Catching up. Today's prompts were textile, bread, 1 o'clock, 12 o'clock, head, begins with C, along the way, and phone.

Textile should have been a slam dunk for a knitter and fibre sort but I knew it was a non-starter before I rolled out this morning.

It was a dreary start to the day as a morning shower had already passed through.

Mindful of my prompts and a possible long day, I was on the look out for images before getting caught up in the day.

photo of cars parked in a parking structure seen through rails
While sitting at the seemingly endless traffic light on Texas, I noticed the shimmer of some delicate yellow/green leaves on a tree against a terracotta coloured office building and snapped an "along the way" shot.

Walking down the stairs in the parking structure, I snapped a "starts with C" shot of cars through the railing. 

photo of cloudsI had every good intention for 1 o'clock and was even keeping an eye out for interesting reflections on the twin office building for a good image as the hour was approaching.

But when a quick pop down the hall to ask a question of a rarely on site colleague went a bit longer and yielded additional information. . .

Well,  13:00 came and went as did whatever reflection the lens might have caught.

photo of clouds
I probably would only have had those shots and my if all else fails "camera starts with C" planned set piece but for a planned power outage that had me out of the office early enough to shoot some starts with C clouds.

I also caught a shot or two of other "starts with C" images along the way home but they're still on the digital cutting floor.

Tomorrow's words are strange, 3, print, angle, note, copper, checks, water, drink.  For some reason, I'm wondering whether my pound note is ready for a closeup.

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