11 January 2013

Three and a note

photo of number 3 painted on a concrete wall
Lately, if the photo prompt doesn't match up with something on the way and/or in and around my workplace or something I have at home, it can be quite the challenge.

Today's is no different, but there are only 6 levels in my parking structure and 10 floors in my office building so I'm far from home free with the numbered items.

I saw a couple of nice groups of three palm trees along the way coming out and back but I wasn't keen on editing out phone lines for the morning shots and my aperture and shutter speed fu were way off for the night shot so I was glad that Issac and Elizabeth were ready for their close ups.

The only other prompt that made sense on the day was note and what better than a bank note? 

When pound notes went out of circulation and ceased to be legal tender, I made sure that I kept one.

The "Newton note" was the last version of pound notes issued obviously named for Sir Issac's portrait on the back side of the note.

One pound notes were never (in my memory) were never as flashy as their higher value (and larger dimensioned) notes but from my earliest childhood memories, a pound note tucked into a birthday card made me feel very wealthy and oh so sophisticated so I've a bit of a soft spot.

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