17 January 2013

Orbs, spheres and lens lust

I parked on parking level 6 today and the numbers on the concrete block wall are black on a white/cream background so I could have slapped those up and called it a day for today's 6 and black and white prompts.

But I've had it in my head that I'd like a remote for the DSLRs and if it worked with the Coolpix that would be all the better.

A remote would enable me to get my reflection/shadow out of the shot and reduce camera shake to get a few more shots without needing a tripod.

A little research later and recognition that I've not left the office before 17:30 (earliest) had me taking a mid-day run to George's Camera for a remote and a little camera people bonding.  Okay, there was also lens lust, a new item for the wish list and a "duh, the small MIA tripods won't support the DSLRs and the big ones are a PITA for street shooting."

Good thing I made the trek on the photo-a-day front because one of the other words on the day was sphere which can also be called an Orb and pigment had a window display with these great orb/spheres in their window display -- way better than the number on a concrete block moment.

Okay, so 6 is also on Friday's prompts so I may be wimping out with yet another parking structure shot unless it or concave, angle, blocks, dairy, big, convex, shadow or weakness come together with an image/item inspiration for a lens worthy moment.

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Blogger Debbi McNeer said...

That's a great shot.

Blogger walkaboutknitter said...

Didn't even have to use the remote and I did minimal cropping. Friday's shots sucked. I talked up photoaday to the guys at George's. I'm finding it a great way to get my photo skills back up to par so I think it would be a great project for brand new photographers.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying. For a minute I thought you were at the Pigme shop.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If last commenter is associated with Pigment (the shop), or even if not I think it is a lovely place with lots of lust worthy products.


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